Damsco Group Contributes to Establishing a New Class at the Rashid Center for The Determined Ones in Dubai

Mr. Mohannad Al Masre, chairman of Damsco Group, established a new class at the Rashid Center for The Determined Ones in November, in the presence of Mrs. Mariam Othman, CEO of the Center. Mr. Mohannad Al Masre and the team of Damsco Group accompanied by Mrs. Othman toured the center, admiring its modern equipment, they also viewed the curricula prepared for the 300 students.

The center’s staff ardently care for the students, providing everything needed to successfully integrate them in the society,and appropriate the practical skills they acquire to serve their country and nation effectively.

The students of the center gave Mr. Mohannad Al Masre a warm welcome with an adorable performance on the center’s theater stage, exhibiting their talents and artistic abilities.

Mrs. Mariam Othman pointed out the importance of this step for the future of the children with special needs, and expressed her pleasure and gratitude for establishing a new class for them, thanks to the caring support of Mr. Mohannad Al Masre.

The visit was a part of Damsco Group’s initiative that launched last year, to support programmes that help integrate children with special needs in life and society.

At his part, the chairman of Damsco Group, Mr. Mohannad Al Masre stated: “I believe that the opening of the new class will deepen the humanitarian relationship between the center and Damsco Group, and it is a part of the social responsibility of the Group.”

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A Package of Basic Aids for Refugee Camps

Mr. Mohannad Fayez Al Masre, chairman of Damsco Group visited the refugee camps in Hatay, Southern Turkey, and neighboring regions, in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent, to check the situation of the refugees in the camps, which are exposed to the snow and frost in the harsh climatic conditions of the Turkish winter. MohannadAl Masre, carefully observed the suffering of the refugees, and provided aids of food, clothes and heating appliances to thousands of them.

He also had a fruitful collaboration with the Martyrs’ Affairs office in Damascus through its affiliate Martyrs’ Sons Center.

He confirmed that “Syria is on a pivotal turn at the beginning of a new era, different from the last eight years of war, and this requires of all Syrians, especially entrepreneurs, to take action and engage in the reconstruction process.”

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Zabeel Ladies Club and Damsco Events Collaborate to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Dubai

The Pink Run campaign was a joint venture between Dubai Zabeel Ladies Club and Damsco Events, one of Damsco Group’s companies, headed by Mohannad Fayez Al Masre, in the context of World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Words may falter as we gently try to reach out to women who have cancer.Butthere are always innovative ways to stand by them and help them overcome the psychological effects that tent to come with breast cancer. The campaign, which was held at the club’s headquarters on the 18th of October in 2018, aimed to educate the UAE women about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Through its initiative, Zabeel Ladies Club seeks to educate women in the UAE about the need for periodic checkups for early stage detection of breast cancer, and avoid waiting for the onset of symptoms to start treatment. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer need to fortify their mental health against depression that accompanies chemotherapy, as the mental health of many tends to decline.

We all listen to music at home, at work, while driving, and when exercising. The Zabeel Ladies Club and Damsco Events initiative encourages women with breast cancer to exercise and listen to music regularly, as this has a positive impact on their treatment. Listening to music helps cancer patients as it touches the heart and contributes effectively to his/her body’s resistance to the ferocity of the disease. Medical studies have shown that music, of all kinds, is the best way to clean up the psychological residues that weigh the patient’s body.

There may not be a specific type of music to perform this task, but professionals of mental health in women with breast cancer believe that listening to classical music daily for an hour and a half, for a month, can improve their mental health, and in many cases it even have led to the disappearance of the tumor in some women.

This also applies to exercising, which is an adjunctive therapy for the psychological symptoms associated with chemotherapy and many other organic and psychological diseases. Even though the importance of exercise and its benefits is no longer a secret, having the will and the determination to exercise – in itself – can be a daunting task. But, is it advisable for the patient to neglect exercise given the fact that it contributes to the treatment?! I do not think so…

The integration of the medicine-art-exercise triad to face cancer, in general, should not only be a temporary activity that alleviates the suffering cancer afflicts, but must be transformed into a lifestyle the woman imposes on herself, and become an integral part of her social and family environment.

The Pink Run initiative, organized by Damsco Events at Zabeel Ladies Club in Dubai, promotes a culture of early detection of breast cancer, exercise and listening to music on a regular basis. Overall, raising awareness of breast cancer in the UAE is an important step to get women have early checkups and report their ailment with courage and strength.

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